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UK Thames Education Ltd. is a professional educational consultancy committed to providing international educational programmes to Chinese students. Our team of professionals provides clients with a top quality service by helping international students through the whole application process; from choosing the most suitable programme, submitting applications to schools and universities in the UK and entry clearance.

The company also prides itself on advising its clients on their long-term career development. UK Thames Education is based in London, and has strong connections wtih the world’s top institutions. UK Thames Education also has offices in Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou, providing domestic students in China with a seamless service.

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A successful case of Cambridge University

After many times of communication with parents and students, we provided students with the most secure application plan, that is, we mainly applied for interior design, and applied for...

The best value private schools in the UK

Private School tends to conjure up big money: Prince George’s prep school, Thomas’s Battersea, for example, can cost up to 21,786 per year; Eton College, where his father was...

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