Guardianship Services

According to British law, international students 18 years old or younger must be accompanied by a guardian.

We aim to provide tailor-made guardianship services for minor children.

We firmly believe that safety and health are essential for children. We appoint professional guardians for children coming from afar to protect their safety, take care of their health, and assist in various academic and life matters.

Basic guardianship Services

In addition to helping with emergencies, the program also provides care for children’s study and life. The guardian will regularly report to the parents on the student’s learning situation and administration & life problems. Host and transportation support is also part of it.

This service is suitable for students and parents who are more confident in foreign life and study.

Standard guardianship Services

This is a comprehensive service covering life and study. In addition to basic monitoring, the project also includes a lot of learning support and help. For example, our guardian can attend parents’ meetings on your behalf and provide mid or final academic reports. This service is suitable for children who have certain adaptability and can quickly integrate into foreign life and study.

Customized guardianship service

This is our most distinctive guardianship service program. It has no specific content restrictions. We will customize a service plan for you according to the arrangement of you and your children.