Tutoring Service

Many Chinese students are faced with the problem of language and education system transition when they are in British schools. We aim to provide online one-to-one tutor service for Chinese students studying in the UK, so as to help students improve their academic performance, overcome academic difficulties, and successfully enter and accomplish their studies and employment in the UK.

Our teaching team provides the most comprehensive support for students. Every step of academic planning is formulated by relevant experts and consultants, and each student’s learning ability, interests, expertise, and learning methods are fully evaluated, so as to continuously train each student’s shortcomings, fully explore students’ strengths to improve their application competitiveness.

Tutoring service

We are proficient in how to provide efficient one-on-one tutoring services. We will tailor for the students, focus on personal needs, and inspire the students’ unlimited potential.

All teachers have excellent academic backgrounds, are good at motivating students, and have excellent teaching and communication skills.

Examination and interview counseling for entrance test

The tutor will conduct learning and guidance based on the students’ own level and needs, and will conduct multiple mock for students. After each round of mock, the tutor will give feedback in time to help students improve the answer’s content, skills, dressing, gestures, wording, etc.

Career Guidance

In the face of internships and employment in the UK, we have professional instructors to prepare the career planning for students, guide students to make resumes, develop interview skills, help students to enhance self-confidence, and improve student competition in the graduate employment market forces.