What people say about us

Thanks to all the staff of UK Thames Education. During the university application process, you always answer my questions carefully, efficiently, patiently, always think in the perspective of students, and provide students with the best solution, from choosing universities, submitting  applications, to the final enrollment. Every step is done very well, which has saved us a lot of detours, Thanks again

Andy Li

I finally calmed down. I can’t be happier this year!

UK Thames Education helped me get the LSE Social Psychology Offer. The key is that this offer only requires a GPA is of 5.5. From the initial consultancy stage to go to the UK, I really thank UK Thames Education for their consistent and professional guidance. Especially at the beginning I was told by many other agencies that I could not apply for a top UK university with my GPA of 6 . Only after talking with UK Thames Education Thames, I feel that there is still a good chance for me to apply. Although there is a time difference between Australia and the United Kingdom, the consultant of UK Thames is always there.

To be honest, I really felt like I almost didn’t do anything during the process but just waited for the offer these days.UK Thames did everything for me.

Sophie Yuan

I really appreciate the help of UK Thames consultants, because I didn’t work very hard so my academic performance is not very satisfying. I thought there was no chance of going to a prestigious university, but in the end, with the patience of the UK Thames Education, I took the last train of Warwick. Basically I just follow their guidance to prepare materials, and I didn’t worry about it. The final result is relatively smooth. I can say that UK Thames can be one of best education agents in both UK and China.

Mr Xu

The tutors of Thames Education are very good. They are teachers of famous local schools in the UK, and they know the entrance exams in the UK very well. My son has studied with two tutors her in English and mathematics. He made rapid progress and we will use their teachers in the long term.

Ms Zhang

Their staff are very responsible and patient. Although there is a time difference, they will reply to WeChat as soon as possible. In last summer, they accompanied us to visit many schools in the UK and introduced many schools to us in details. When they applied for the schools for our daughter, they tried their very best to help our family. My daughter finally got offers from many famous British schools, including Westminster. I have always recommended all my friends to them.

Mrs Ding

When I applied for graduate schools, I was not particularly anxious. Everything was pushed by them, but it also shows how responsible they are. Throughout the year, they replied my WeChat whenever they are sent, including weekends. Choosing a responsible agent can save a lot of time and effort. At the time, I was busy preparing for the exams, and I didn’t have time to prepare the application myself. Fortunately, I chose the UK Thames. I only provided personal information, transcripts and references. They completed everything else for me.

June Xu

Everyone at UK Thames makes me feel warm. Thames is not as cold as other agency institutions. They can provide me with information about British graduate schools at any time, and patiently analyze my strengths and weaknesses to help me strive for the school I want to study at. I remember when I was in junior year, I was very unsure of the thesis of crisis management, they gave me the guidance of the thesis for free. Not only did I have a professional tutor here, but also got a good friend. Hope they will become more and more successful.


Thank you, UK Thames Edu, for helping me get a top master offer in education. During the application, I changed my mind a lot and changed my major and school application several times, but they were 100 % patiently helping me. Thank you. Compared to other agent, UK Thames really did a great job.

Snow Bai

Thank you very much for Thames Education, not only helped me successfully apply for the major and university I wanted most, but also helped me obtain a £ 5,000 university scholarship. The Thames ps quality are especially great. I think they really spent a lot of time on it. I am satisfied with it and I am OK with the first version. I didn’t spend much time on the student visa application either. They helped me prepare all the materials. I just went to the visa center with the documents their prepared for me and the visa was granted smoothly. Following them is really worry-free and highly recommended.

Alex Guo

We visited UK Thames Education in London before in London. Their office is in central London. The consultants are very professional. We have many questions, but they can answer them patiently and professionally. So we later chose to sign a contract with them to help my child apply for British private schools. The application process was also relatively smooth. Four of the five schools applied for were successful. Finally, we chose Brighton College. We also chose their guardianship service, which is personally supervised by the employees of their company, and they are very attentive to the child’s life and learning. Although we are in the China, having them there, we don’t worry much about our kid.

Mrs Dong