The UK Customized one 2 one Private Tutoring -exclusive and highly recommended tutor (Andrew)

Many Chinese students are faced with the problem of language and education system transition when they are in British schools. We aim to provide online one-to-one tutor service for Chinese students studying in the UK, so as to help students improve their academic performance, overcome academic difficulties, and successfully enter and accomplish their studies and employment in the UK.

Our teaching team provides the most comprehensive support for students. There are top tutors who graduated from OxfordUniversity and Cambridge University, senior tutors with more than decades of experience in teaching in the UK, and ace tutors in the compilation of British school textbooks and examination papers. They are familiar with all the enrollment process and admission requirements of best preparatory schools,  secondary schools, and universities, so they can accurately assess students and plan a counseling plan for applications to prestigious schools.

Andrew has 25 years of experience as a UK secondary school teacher, proficient in many European languages, and now is the subject director of a top private school in the UK.

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