About Us

Who We Are

UK Thames Education Ltd. is a professional educational consultancy committed to providing international educational programmes to Chinese students. Our team of professionals provides clients with a top quality service by helping international students through the whole application process; from choosing the most suitable programme, submitting applications to schools and universities in the UK and entry clearance.

The company is also an immigration consultancy company that offer our clients practical and cost effective advice and ongoing support concerning UK work and investment visa applications. Our professional team will take you through the entire Visa process and ensure you have the best opportunity to successfully integrate in the UK.

UK Thames Education is based in London, and has strong connections wtih the world’s top institutions. UK Thames Education also has offices in Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou, providing domestic students in China with a seamless service.

UK Thames Education officially merged with ELM Education in April 2014, and is now known as UKTEL & ELM. ELM Education is one of the strongest international education management and service providers in China. It is devoted to introducing high-quality international educational resources, and providing advanced application services. It also provides an excellent platform for cross-cultural communication and cooperation.

The company is owned by the ELI HOLDINGS, founded in 1991. With a global reputation and international experience, ELM Education has successfully introduced, designed and managed various international educational programmes for many outstanding high schools and universities in China. It has long-term close working relationships with top UK universities such as Oxford and Cambridge; providing studying abroad consultancy services and international exchange opportunities for Chinese students. ELM Education also reccognises the importance of teacher-training, and supports teachers by providing CPD both in China and overseas.

Since the merger, the company has provided services to thousands of students looking to study abroad,  and strives to promote the all-round development of education and teaching in China.

Our Team

Jack Wang


Jack has many years experience living and working in the UK, which allowed him to have developed thorough understanding of the education market in both UK and China. Jack founded UK Thames Education with the aim of providing high-level educational programmes in both China and the UK. Jack has recently established collaboration with ELM Education in Beijing. After the merger, Jack and his team continue to provide high quality studying abroad services for thousands of students in both China and the UK.

Alice Childs

Expert consultant

Alice Childs comes from an educational family and has been educated in private schools in the UK since childhood. She is an Asset Languages certified teacher fluent in Mandarin, who has obtained child protection related qualifications. She has a master’s degree in Cross-Cultural Studies of Children, Child Development and Youth at Brunel University and a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition at Oxford University.

Nick Martin

Expert consultant

Nick Martin, master of Law School of Cambridge University, chairman of Westminster College, has worked as an external member (NED) in Cambridge University for ten years, a vice chairman of Audit Committee of Cambridge University, who has been providing the application guidance program of Oxford University and Cambridge University for Chinese and British students, and has gained many successful cases and accumulated rich experience.

Patrick Leif Johansson


Patrick Leif Johansson is a master’s researcher at Cambridge University. In 2015, Patrick won a research scholarship in the Department of education at Cambridge University. He studied the close relationship between teaching methods, critical thinking and chorus music. As a result of his research work, he received the John Kripple Scholarship of 1613 and St. Catherine’s College Prize. At present, he is an associate lecturer of Tsinghua University, mainly focusing on research methods and critical thinking. Be familiar with the application process and admission requirements of Oxford University and Cambridge University, he makes a complete application plan for students, especially for expansion projects and investigate research activities.

Livia Wang


Livia Wang graduated from the Department of Architecture at Cambridge University, and has a master degree at the Royal College of Art, who has her own unique artistic insights and is an outstanding young artist. Be familiar with the British education system and application process of Oxford University and Cambridge University, understanding the architecture and art portfolio requirements, she can provide professional art creation guidance and training for students.

Genliang Zhang

Project Director

Mr Zhang, is the Project Director of UK Thames Education, who has completed two master degrees, Education Development master of BNU (Beijing Normal University) and MBA of University of Surrey. He has successfully managed numbers of Chinese student oversea study projects in past 12 years, particularly in UK and Australia education industry, which his wealth of management experience in international education and outstanding collaboration service system will comprehensively benefit to our customers and diverse stakeholders and co-operators.

Victor Shi

Senior education consultant

Victor is a senior education consultant of UK Thames Education. He completed two master degree in the United Kingdom, and is currently a certified translator of Chartered Institute of Linguists. Victor has a wealth of experience in the international education industry and has a very good understanding of the entire British education system. Over the past seven years, he has helped thousands of Chinese students complete their studying abroad plan in the UK. He is highly spoken by all his clients of different ages.

Lan Yu

Admission manager

With more than a decade of overseas study and work background, Lan has a deep understanding of Chinese foreign cultures. She is mainly responsible for admission management, who is familiar with the school application process and has successfully helped hundreds of students successfully applied for colleges and universities in the UK. Also, she is responsible for marketing promotion.